The Financial Fraud Lawyer network is dedicated to providing legal services of the highest quality to traders who find themselves victims of Forex broker’s misconduct. Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys handles the recovery of investment losses when it comes from unlawful activities of regulated brokers established in Europe. 

The firm as successfully represented a significant number of FX traders from various European countries, against most of the well-known brokers on the FX market.


The relation between a broker and a trader is supposedly based on trust and transparent sharing of information. Unfortunately, some online forex trading companies take advantage of this trust: they improperly lead investors to losing their funds in order for them to profit therefrom.
There are risks associated with investing in financial markets, i.e. in Forex, however brokers practices should never jeopardise the chances for traders to obtain profits. Investment firms are obliged to provide clear information as well as being conscientious when making recommendations. Moreover, brokers should not put pressure on the traders to make bad investments in order to benefit from them.


During the investment process, any Forex broker firm may commit legal bridge actions that engage their liability. It is also possible that it deliberately acts with the purpose to increase its own profit. In such situation, scamed victims have the legal means to recover their losses.

In our experience, brokers mistakes mainly relate to pushing clients to commit excessive trading, providing misleading or incomplete information, performing unauthorised trading, being negligent and even outright theft or forgery.

Lost investments with FX broker

Every lost fund situation in a suspicious way from the financial platform needs an expert fraud lawyer or crypto lawyer who will advise and provide legal services. I have lost funds in a trading platform. What should I do?


Our crypto lawyers have knowledge in legal analysis, cryptocurrencies, and misconduct authentication. Our Law Firm Network Financial Fraud Lawyer offers expert solutions. Crypto Lawyers provides traders with legal services to recover lost funds due to Crypto platforms’ misconduct.


Financial Fraud Lawyer Law Firms’ Network was founded by Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys to represent victims of Forex Scam in Europe. Our Law firm doesn’t accept every Forex scam case. Therefore, The preliminary consultation is not chargeable and aims to identify whether Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys could take the Forex scam case or not.



Forex Broker reviews aims to share experience and warn the public about the risks when trading with online financial brokers. Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys’ Forex broker reviews are based on public information. Consult our News page to read our Forex Broker reviews under Case Review or Press release titles.

Targeted by Investment Fraud?
Work with Experienced Investment Fraud Attorneys for Investment Scam Recovery

Are you a victim of investment scams and searching for experienced Investment Fraud Attorneys or a specialized Investment Fraud Law Firm for investment scam recovery? The Financial Fraud Lawyers member Law Firms are closely specialized in Investment scam recovery, offering transparent advice and fair services to help victims recover their lost investments. With extensive experience in European law and an international network, we provide efficient representation and ongoing legal assistance.

If you’ve been targeted by Investment fraud, contact us for a preliminary case review. Choosing the best Investment Fraud Attorneys to represent your interests is certainly not easy. Trust in our expertise and determination to recover your lost investment.


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