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Participation of Advocate Mikov in France 2 Cash Investigation : Investigation on the fake promises of influencers on April 4, 2024

The full video investigation

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Legal Experts in Forex & Cryptocurrency Asset Recovery

Financial Fraud Lawyers is a European network of lawyers working to protect the interests of retail investors in complex financial products on online trading platforms. 

When an investor loses his money under suspicious circumstances while trading Forex, CFDs, options, futures or cryptocurrencies on an online trading platform, he often does not know what to do and asks himself questions: “Is it the broker’s fault or mine? Can I recover my money, and how? Are there even some Broker Fraud Attorneys?”  

Yes, there are. The Financial Fraud Lawyers Network is made up of attorneys specialized in the representation and defense of traders on regulated trading platforms, Forex Fraud Recovery, Crypto Fraud recovery, and Out-of-court Asset Recovery (alternative Dispute Resolution). 

The Managing member of the Financial Fraud Lawyers Network, Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys, offers extensive experience in recovering investment losses on financial markets, including Forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, options, futures trading on regulated platforms, and coordinates members law offices within investment scam recovery cases of our clients. 

Our core values are: expertise, transparency, affordability, international coverage, and multilanguage services (English, French, German, Bulgarian, Czech and Slovak). 

Our aim is: to help victims of dishonest Brokers and Forex/Crypto scams get their money back. 

If you’ve fallen victim to financial fraud or have doubts about the circumstances that preceded the loss of your investment, contact us for a preliminary case review. 

Our Attorney Team

The Lawyers of the Network comply with the code of ethics for European lawyers.

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Me Mikov interrogé sur le “market making” dans Cash Investigation sur France 2

Florence Duprat interviews Advocate Mikov and his client, Gilles Gamond, on financial scams.

Advocate Mikov interviewed by Fabien Labrousse on VideoBourse.fr. 

Presentation of Advocate Konstantin Mikov on the rights of individual investors in the European Union. 

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Broker Fraud Attorneys and Experts in Forex Fraud Recovery

Financial Fraud Lawyers Network specializes in Forex Fraud Recovery and Crypto fraud recovery. Our experienced Broker Fraud Attorneys are skilled in navigating the complexities of financial markets, covering Forex, CFDs, ICOs, binary options, and cryptocurrencies. The attorneys Konstantin Mikov, Alexandre Gaspoz, and Christos M. Triantafyllides, integral members of the Financial Fraud Lawyers Network, are committed to representing and defending investors on trading platforms. 

Our dedicated experts are here to assist you in Crypto fraud recovery, guide you through Broker Fraud issues, and facilitate Forex fraud recovery, ensuring transparency and fair services throughout the process.

Financial Fraud Lawyers is a European network of lawyers working to protect the interests of consumers of complex financial products. We specialises in the representation and the defence of traders who invest on regulated platforms. This includes Forex, CFDs, ICO, options, futures and cryptocurrencies trading.

Our firm provides legal advice as well as representation for traders. Our practice is based on transparent advice and fair services. As a matter of fact, our policy is to take on cases for which we have a high confidence level for dispute resolutions.

If you are the victim of a fraudulent broker, we advise you to get legal representation in order to resolve your financial dispute. We aim to help victims recover their lost investment when it appears the cause is on the brokerage firm’s end. We provide alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, conciliation, ombudsman, and arbitration, between the traders and the regulated brokers.


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