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Recover Your Lost Funds



We are specialized lawyers in the field of foreign exchange markets committed to recover traders funds lost as a result of Forex brokers irregularities and breaches of legislation.


We use European legislation to defend and represent victims of regulated forex / cfd brokers anywhere in Europe.


If you have been operating on the forex markets and have any doubt or proof that you have lost your investment funds in a suspicious way, contact us.


Florence Duprat


Our law firm is dedicated to the defense of forex traders and the recovery of their losses from untrustworthy or inexperienced Forex brokerage firms.

Financial disputes should be addressed in a timely manner. Any invasion of privacy, breach of trust, fiduciary duties and contractual obligations should be the red flag of a wrongful act of a FX broker.

In such situation, we provide legal advice and representation based on transparent recommendations and fair services. Indeed, legal representation is the first step in a financial dispute in order to receive the proper attention from the wrongdoer Forex brokers.

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Fraud lawyers expert in Forex and Cryptocurrency recovery
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Fraud Lawyer | Mikov & Attorneys I Recover your lost funds
Fraud Lawyers | Mikov & attorneys – Contact us now!

Fraud lawyers why should you choose one?

Every trader losing their investments to a suspicious financial platform needs an expert fraud lawyer who will advise and provide various legal services. Our Law Firm Network of Financial Fraud Lawyers is a team of European specialists who are familiar with European, French, Bulgarian, and Cypriot legislation. We aim to help Forex victims to recover their lost funds. Some trading and cryptocurrencies platforms provide their services everywhere in Europe. Thus, our fraud lawyers can offer their expertise based on different specific legislations.

It is usually difficult for traders to finds such experts as fraud Lawyers, as there are only a few Forex Law Firm in the EU. Thus, our Network of experts fraud and fraud Lawyers appeared as an answer for may victims of financial brokers’ misconduct in Europe. For more than ten years, our fraud lawyers at Mikov & Attorneys have recovered lost funds for many traders victims of scam online and trading platforms.

What can a fraud lawyer do?

The most important duty of any fraud lawyers is to provide all traders with adequate services and suggest to resolve a dispute or scam case.

Fraud lawyers provide expertise and knowledge in legal analysis, scam, and misconduct authentication. Our Law Firm Network offers expert solutions to legal disputes and litigations and can represent traders’ rights in an out-of-court way. Our fraud lawyers have extensive knowledge in the local court way when facing a particular case of fraud in France, Bulgaria, or Cyprus.

Fraud Lawyer at Mikov & Attorneys provides traders with legal services to recover lost funds due to brokers’ misconduct. Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys are proven as a qualified and trusted Law Firm to many traders all over Europe.
Our fraud Lawyers can provide you with representation when facing a scam scheme and specific the most appropriate way to solve a financial dispute.

Why do you need the services of fraud lawyers?

Providing extensive knowledge in financial European and local legislation regarding trading and cam is a tough work to do, and most of the natural or legal persons have minimal experience in such fields. Knowing the law, as fraud lawyers do, is crucial for any traders who want to get their money back. Therefore, people trust our Network of fraud Lawyers: we provide them with that extensive knowledge.

Hiring a fraud lawyer, which provides you with extensive knowledge, is a long and challenging process as few Lawyers in Europe have such experience.

Find fraud lawyers within our Network Financial Fraud Lawyer

Our team of fraud lawyers is experts in Forex and financial fraud. They are registered at Bulgarian Bar Association and Nice Bar Association and have extensive knowledge, gathered with more than ten years’ experience. All that qualification allows many traders in the EU to find a fraud Lawyer in our Financial Fraud Lawyer Network.

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Fraud lawyers – Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys Network Financial Fraud Lawyers
Fraud lawyers – find us- Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys Network Financial Fraud Lawyers

Our fraud lawyers do their best to provide resolution and legal services for every single trader. Our experienced Forex and fraud lawyers offer expert legal services in scams and financial disputes with online trading platforms.

Our fraud Lawyers’ team provides traders expert advice on every step of getting their money back from financial platforms established in Europe or affecting European traders. We can proudly say that our Network of fraud lawyers within our network are pioneers of providing complex financial instruments related to CFD Forex cryptocurrencies. Our team of fraud lawyers provides services for out of court resolution as follow :

1 Building your case – we collect your information & documents
2 Legal analysis and misconducts identification
3 Drafting and sending the legal Claim to the Broker
4 Legal negotiation until the resolution.
5 Legal complaint to the Authorities.

Our Fraud lawyers provide our clients with all of our experience, gained through the years. Through the process of resolution, We assist with various types of financial disputes with the extensive knowledge of our Fraud lawyers in local and European legislation.

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Fraud lawyers as your trusted partner

Our team of fraud lawyers and Forex Lawyer are trusted partners to many European traders and worldwide trader against European based brokers enterprises. Our Forex Lawyers provided them with transparent information and expert legal services so they can get their money back.

Fraud Lawyer– Financial fraud Lawyer Mikov & Attorneys | Dispute resolution
Fraud Lawyer– Financial fraud Lawyer Mikov & Attorneys | Dispute resolution

Our team of fraud lawyers is trusted allies to many European traders and worldwide traders against European-based brokers enterprises. Our fraud Lawyers provided them with transparent information and expert legal services to get their money back.

The European Fraud Lawyers team at Financial Fraud Lawyer

As a Network of fraud lawyers’ experts in a scam, Mikov & Attorneys has established the network financial fraud lawyer, after education and work in all Europe. The members of the network are French Bulgarian Cypriot and European lawyers with extensive expertise in commercial, fraud and scam dispute resolution. Our fraud lawyers advise traders and prepare drafts on documentations required for every step of their dispute with Forex platforms.

Trust our Network of fraud lawyers

Prepared for various legal situations, Mikov & Attorneys’ fraud lawyers will look after your best financial interest with solicitude. Fraud lawyers’ network will help you address your issues and avoid further expensive legal problems. Do not hesitate to contact our network of fraud lawyers to get your money back. Choose the fraud lawyers at Mikov & Attorneys as your partner to solve financial disputes.

Fraud lawyers why should you choose one?

What can a fraud lawyer do?

Why do you need the services of fraud lawyers?

Find fraud lawyers within our Financial Fraud Lawyers Network

The European fraud Lawyers team at Financial Fraud Lawyer

Trust our Network of Fraud lawyers