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Specialized Lawyers in Forex Fraud & Scams

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Have you been a victim of a Forex Fraud?

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Recover Your Lost Funds


Mikov & Attorneys provides legal advice and representation to Forex traders operating on the foreign exchange markets, victims of fraud by FX currency brokers.


We are specialized lawyers in the field of foreign exchange markets committed to recover traders funds lost as a result of Forex brokers irregularities and breaches of legislation.


We use European legislation to defend and represent victims of regulated forex / cfd brokers anywhere in Europe.


If you have been operating on the forex markets and have any doubt or proof that you have lost your investment funds in a suspicious way, contact us.


Our law firm is dedicated to the defense of forex traders and the recovery of their losses from untrustworthy or inexperienced Forex brokerage firms.

Financial disputes should be addressed in a timely manner. Any invasion of privacy, breach of trust, fiduciary duties and contractual obligations should be the red flag of a wrongful act of a FX broker.

In such situation, we provide legal advice and representation based on transparent recommendations and fair services. Indeed, legal representation is the first step in a financial dispute in order to receive the proper attention from the wrongdoer Forex brokers.