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Financial Fraud Lawyers Network - Forex Specialists

Protecting traders in case of abuse by EU regulated Forex & Crypto brokers

Within our Financial Fraud Lawyers network, Mikov & Attorneys specialises its practice with the representation and the defence of traders who have been investing on regulated platforms, for instance Forex CFDs, ICO, binary options and cryptocurrencies. Our firm has successfully represented numerous victims throughout Europe, with the purpose of recovering their losses. As a matter of fact, we obtained experience with various investment intermediaries operating in the European Union, such as: 

Alvexo, IronFX, NESSFX, Trade360, EverFX, Phoenix Markets (now EZinvest), OBRinvesting, Trading212, Vantage Markets, LiquidityX, AAX, Plus500, M4Markets, WIREX, UFX, Xtrade, 24option, FXGM,, FXCM… 

For the most part, the cases we take on show a pattern of illegal manipulative trading techniques used by online brokers. This includes:

Although there are risks associated with financial markets investments, traders’ chances to make profits should not be jeopardised by wrongful brokers practices. In the case that retail forex brokers are the cause for significant financial damage, we aim to help our clients recover their losses. Thanks to our vast experience, we are able to offer our clients support, efficient representation as well as continuous legal assistance. We use our expertise in European law and our international network specialised in capital markets in order to defend our clients and uncover fraudulent schemes

Konstantin Mikov

LL.M. graduate, French University Montesquieu
Founder and managing partner of the network Financial Fraud Lawyer
Managing partner of Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys

Konstantin Mikov acquired extensive experience in the corporate, tax, merger & acquisition, banking and financial services fields. He also has a notable experience in the renewable and energy sector. He advised major CAC40 French companies, as well as multinational Czech, Slovak and Bulgarian companies. Since 2014, he specialises in the filed of MiFID and MiCA related to world of Forex, Crypto Assets, and online trading. Konstantin Mikov is a member of the Sofia Bar Association.

He speaks English, French, Spanish and Bulgarian.

Jana Mikova

LL.M. graduate, Czech University Charles
Attorney at Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys

Jana Mikova has perfected her expertise by attending law classes in the renowned Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, as part of a prestigious exchange program. She worked as an in-house lawyer in the subsidiary of AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT S.A. in Prague. She then worked as Senior Associate in the regional law firm Peterka & Partners, in the Prague and Sofia offices. She has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of litigation, insolvency, international debt recovery, banking regulations, competition and EU law. She specialises in Forex law since 2014.

She speaks English, French, Czech, Slovak, and Bulgarian.

Alexandre Gaspoz

LL.M. graduate, French University Montesquieu
Founder of Law Office Gaspoz

Alexandre Gaspoz has specialised his expertise in Business Law and Taxation. He is a member of the network Financial Fraud Lawyer, where his knowledge of French criminal laws provides assistance for fraud operated from France. His experience in several renowned business law firms allows him to have full legal expertise in litigation cases affecting victims of financial fraud in France. Alexandre Gaspoz is a member of Nice Bar Association.

He speaks French.

Christos M. Triantafyllides

M.J. graduate, Oxford’s Lincoln College
Founder of Law Firm Christos M. Triantafyllides

Christos M. Triantafyllides has more than 40 years of litigation and legal counselling experience in the fields of criminal, civil, banking, commercial, and corporate law – which makes him one of the most renowned lawyers in Cyprus. He specialised in Jurisprudence, and is a Barrister-at-Law of Grays Inn, UK. He is an advisor on most topics of the Law, and he has been instructed in the past by international businesses, various Cyprus Regulatory Authorities, the Cyprus Parliament and Governmental and Semi-Governmental Organisations. He also acts as an attorney for major Cyprus banks and private Corporations. In his forty years of practice, he has appeared before all the Courts in Cyprus and the European Court of Human Rights.

He speaks Greek and English.

European Network of Forex Law Firms

Why should you choose us?

Experience, knowledge, and qualification are the keys to a positive outcome in a financial dispute case. The need for a specialised law firm is more current than ever with the increase of online financial markets and new traders operating on those platforms.

Thousands of “Recover Your Lost Funds’ ads can be found on the internet, but only a practice specialising in Forex disputes resolution can provide suitable representation – based on legal experience and appropriateness.

Traders on the Forex market have rights. Therefore, a qualified law firm with expertise on those types of disputes is the answer to any trader seeking the recovery of lost funds. Through the network, Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys aims to represent traders who have been victims of brokers misconducts, with legal proficiency.

What should you expect?

Most traders do not know what services they are about to receive when approaching a specialised law firm. This is the reason why Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys created the European network Financial Fraud Lawyers. Its purpose is to provide basic knowledge in regard to traders’ rights, brokers’ misconducts and legal assistance. Not only are dispute resolution’s information available on our website, but we offer a free consultation of your case before considering it.

How do we handle a case?

Our process to recover lost funds consists of finding an out-of-court way most of the time. As experience proves it, non-litigious procedures give the most appropriate results when handling a financial dispute. Here are our responsibilities:

(i) Gathering of the relevant facts of your case.

(ii) Legal analysis of your case to identify the Broker’s misconduct (legal breaches).

(iii) Drafting and sending the Claim to the Broker and the competent authorities.

(iv) Handling the correspondence & negotiations with the Broker until the resolution.

(v) Representation before Alternative Dispute Resolutions bodies

Law firms and companies that give guarantees about the overall resolution of the case without thoroughly analysing it must be taken with caution. If you are meeting with our lawyers, we will identify the rightful action and proceed to resolve the matter. To handle your case, we work on a lump sum fee. In case we are able to recover your investment, and depending on the amount you receive, our Law Firm gets a success fee.


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