Lost funds in a Forex broker’s platform?

Recover your lost funds

Lost funds in a Forex broker platform – is it legal or not?

All lost funds situations are not due to illegal practices. Indeed, losing your funds on the markets is not unlawful as long as all of the involved parties comply with the law.

In an individual situation, financial brokers will use dishonest or illegal practices to take your money. Such manipulative techniques target inexperienced investors until they have lost funds due to sophisticated marketing techniques. In most of the cases, victims realize that they have lost funds after months or years.

Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys and the Network Financial Fraud Lawyer defend traders to recover their lost funds due to Forex brokers platform misconducts.

Our lawyers will provide legal advice and representation based on transparent recommendations and excellent services to recover your lost funds.

Legal representation is the first step in a financial dispute to receive the proper attention to recover any lost funds from the wrongdoer Forex brokers.

Various studies from European Financial Market regulators prove that 90% of investors have lost funds on Forex and CFD markets.

How I lost funds in Forex

Sophisticated marketing technique

Most of the time, lost funds situations are linked to dishonest and illegal practices.

Based on Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys client’s experience, here are some examples of manipulative techniques used by the online forex brokers before they lost funds:

  • Establishing a “friendly” relationship with the potential victim
  • Reliance on the advice of the account manager
  • Promises of forex bonuses, profits or conditional gifts
  • Making up of false urgent situations
  • Pressure to “recover” after lost funds situation, etc.
Lost funds in a Forex broker’s platform?

Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys lawyers report many illegal practices to Financial Market Regulators such as the CySEC or the AMF. Most of the time, financial brokers encourage traders to invest significant amounts for several months in Forex before realizing they have lost funds due to account managers’ advice.

Based on Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys, here are some examples of reprehensible wrongdoing of brokers met by the different client before they have lost funds in financial brokers:

  • Inappropriate advises or strategies
  • Impossibility of withdrawing the invested funds
  • Ambiguous or even misleading information
  • Aggressive investment advice
  • Dysfunction of the platform or irregular execution of orders etc.

If you have lost funds in Forex or Crypto platform and you have the feeling that you may be the victim of broker misconducts, you need to contact a Law Firm specialized in dispute resolution with financial platforms.

I have lost funds in a trading platform. What should I do?

Every lost fund situation in a suspicious way from the financial platform needs an expert fraud lawyer or crypto lawyer who will advise and provide legal services.

It is usually tricky for traders to find legal experts when they have lost funds on financial platforms.

Some trading and cryptocurrencies platforms provide their services everywhere in Europe. Thus, a lost funds situation can be handled by our specialized lawyers.

If you have lost funds in financial fraud or have lost funds in a financial dispute, contact us. For more than ten years, our Law Firm has recovered lost funds for many traders victims of scam online and trading platforms in Europe.

Can I expect to have my lost funds back?

Once you have lost funds in an online Forex broker, it is essential to verify whether the financial platform has the legal authority to provide trading services. To operate within the EU, a  financial broker must have an authorization granted by a Market Regulator from at least one of the EU Member States.

Many of our clients have lost funds in brokers based in Cyprus or Malta. Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys is specialized in recovering lost funds with such brokers.

A Lost funds situation can be avoided if the trader verifies brokers’ legal authorization on the CySEC website to confirm whether they are registered as a financial broker. It is crucial to confirm that the regulation provided on the website of the broker corresponds to the one on the CySEC register.

A prior review of any broker reduces the risk of loss with a financial broker that does not comply with the European regulations and operates illegally in EU countries.

If you have lost funds and think you may be the victim of broker misconduct, contact us.

Mikov & Attorneys represents trader to recover lost funds

If you have lost funds due to financial broker misconduct, our fraud lawyers will aim to put you back in the position you would have been in if the broker had not got it wrong.

Lost funds in a Forex Broker? Financial Fraud Lawyer provides services to:

  • Non-European residents against European Union regulated Brokers
  • European residents against European Union regulated Brokers
  • European residents against worldwide regulated Brokers

Also, lost funds should have originated more than 5 years ago, and the amount of the lost funds should not be less than 30 000 USD/EUR.

Our Law Firm Network of Financial Fraud Lawyers is a team of European specialists who are familiar with European, French, Bulgarian, and Cypriot legislation when you have lost funds to financial fraud.

Based on different specific legislation and European laws, our legal experts aim to help Forex victims to recover their lost funds

How LawFirm Mikov & Attorneys defends Forex traders who have lost funds?

Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys’ client’s experience proves that financial platforms are in a strong position when trading in Forex. However, European laws compensate traders’ weak spots when they have lost funds.

Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys and Financial Fraud Lawyer Network have successfully represented traders from all Europe to recover their lost funds. The legal service agreement includes:

  • A careful analysis of the case
  • Creation of a defensive strategy
  • Fill an official complaint and alert the competent authorities
  • Negotiations with the Forex broker

If you feel that your broker is liable for your losses, please contact us and we will provide you with a free preliminary analysis of the case.


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