Forex Traders Rights

Know your rights as a Forex Trader

Trading on the markets of Forex and CFD means an extremely high risk of loss. Various studies prove that 90% of investors lose their investments. Per se, losing on the markets is not illegal as long as all of the involved parties comply with the rules.

The common regulatory framework of the financial instruments market is based on the Directives regulating the markets of financial instruments MiFID I and MiFID II, which followed MiFID I, in force since 3 January 2018. Among the main objectives of MiFID II (MiFID I) is harmonizing the protection of the European investor.

The principles of the Directives apply at every stage of your investment (before, during and after the trading).

Brokers must respect several fundamental principles that serve to protecting traders. Among them are the obligations to provide correct information in an honest way, to assess the individual situation of the investor and to categorize him as a client, to respect the principle of best execution of orders, etc.

The objective of MiFID II is to strengthen consumers protection in the framework of MiFID I.

In case of violation of the applicable rules by a broker, investors can seek brokers liability for their losses on the market.

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