Dispute Resolution

Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys defends Forex investors who are victims of FX brokers’ illegal practice.

Our experience proves that brokers are in a strong position. However, European legislation compensates the traders’ weak position and protects their rights. Using the services of an experienced lawyer provides qualified legal assistance to protect a trader’s rights.

We have successfully represented our clients from France, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and Luxembourg to recover their losses from many brokers operating on the territory of the European Union.

We assist our clients in the legal procedures for the reimbursement of their losses. Our offer includes:

  • A careful analysis of the case
  • Creation of a defensive strategy
  • Fill an official complaint and alert the competent authorities
  • Negotiations with the Forex broker

If you have the feeling that you are a victim of broker misconducts, contact us for a free consultation.