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Forex Broker Reviews: How do we write them?

Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys is dedicated to the defense and representation of traders who invest in regulated platforms such as FOREX CFD’s, ICO, binary options, and cryptocurrencies.

Member of the European Law Firms Network “”, Law Firm Mikov is regularly engaged in the dissemination of information to the public sum up in Forex broker reviews.

Forex Broker reviews aim to share experience and warn the public about the risks when trading with online financial brokers.

All Forex Broker reviews are written in good faith, based on public information and testimonies of traders.

European market regulators websites – such as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySEC, or the UK FCA Financial Conduct Authority – are used to write Forex broker reviews and inform about the exact regulation of Forex platforms. Thanks to our forex broker review, traders can avoid basic Forex scam or having lost funds in unregulated platforms.

Besides the authority’s website, our Forex broker reviews are written based on traders’ experiences. Such experiences can be found on Forex Peace Army website or can be transmitted directly by our own clients. FPA is one of the only true and real websites about investment companies and Forex broker reviews that our Law Firmrecognize as legit.

When Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys aims to give special importance to a specific Broker review with a specific case, they write a press release under the form of a “Case Review”. Following the Forex broker review, the Case Review will be directly based on a legal analysis of a client’s case with a specific financial broker.

Forex Broker review: can you trust them?

Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys’ Forex broker reviews are based on public information, and as they provide sources, any trader can verify the information provided.

One may find thousands of Forex broker reviews on the internet, but most of the time these forex broker reviews are written to make traders choose a broker instead of another, which is not Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys position.

Fraud Lawyers and Crypto lawyers from Mikov & Attorneys want to warn traders about a market where 90 percent of people lose their funds, which means basically everyone.

Beware of online trading proposals on Forex and binary options. Some Forex broker reviews suggest that it is possible to become a “trader” in a few days and quickly earn a lot of money. If you trust such a Forex broker review, you risk losing your savings and falling into financial disputes or fraud.

Our Forex broker reviews investigate Financial platforms that hold online trading sites authorized and regulated. We publish Forex broker review and prove regularly updates on a non-exhaustive list of Forex broker authorized to offer Forex and binary options transactions.

Even if they are authorized and regulated, it doesn’t mean that you are safe and that you will not lose your funds. This is why Law Firm Mikov & Attorney writes Forex broker reviews and exposed danger and traders’ dispute with such financial platforms.

Forex Broker Reviews Europe

One piece of advice: avoid Forex broker reviews recommending subscribing to a Financial Broker

For individuals, given the risk associated with these instruments and the presence of unreliable providers, or even operating illegally, the wisest decision is to avoid speculating on Forex and binary options.

Keep in mind when you read a forex broker review:

Does the forex broker review guarantee you quick wins? These are unrealistic promises.

The “forex broker review” offered for free online will never make you an experienced trader.

The small gains made at startup are only there to encourage you to invest more and more. Thereafter, many Forex broker reviews cannot be trusted.

How LawFirm Mikov & Attorneys Forex Broker review helps traders who have lost funds?

Forex broker reviews made by Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys proves that Forex platforms are in a strong position when traders use their services. What’s more Forex broker reviews show forex weak points.

Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys and Financial Fraud Lawyer Network have successfully represented traders from all Europe to recover their lost funds. Our Forex broker reviews are based on the following :

  • A careful analysis of the Broker
  • Régulation of the broker
  • Forex broker reviews found on Forex peace army website
  • Cases handled by our lawyers.

If you have lost funds and have the feeling that you are a victim of broker misconducts, consult our Forex broker reviews and contact our Law Firm.

Forex broker reviews: sophisticated marketing technique exposed

Forex broker reviews are made to avoid lost funds situations and expose dishonest and illegal practices.

Here are some examples of manipulative techniques exposed in our Forex broker reviews:

  • Establishing a “friendly” relationship with the potential victim
  • Reliance on the advice of the account manager
  • Promises of forex bonuses, profits or conditional gifts
  • Making up of false urgent situations
  • Pressure to “recover” after lost funds situation, etc.

Forex broker reviews report sophisticated marketing technique practices used by Financial brokers forex broker. Most of our Forex broker reviews show that financial brokers encourage traders to invest significant amounts for several months before they realize they have lost funds due to account managers’ advice.

Based on Forex broker reviews, here are some other examples of reprehensible wrongdoing of financial platforms exposed in Forex broker reviews and by the different client before they have lost funds in financial brokers:

  • Inappropriate advises or strategies
  • Impossibility of withdrawing the invested funds
  • Ambiguous or even misleading information
  • Aggressive investment advice
  • Dysfunction of the platform or irregular execution of orders etc.

If you after reading our Forex broker reviews or lost funds in Forex or Crypto platform you have the feeling that you may be the victim of broker misconducts, please consult our Forex broker reviews and contact our Law Firm specialized in dispute resolution with financial platforms.

forex broker review by financial fraud lawyers – law firm mikov & attorneys
If you feel that your broker is liable for your losses, please contact us and we will provide you with a free preliminary analysis of the case.


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