We Resolve Your Dispute With European Forex And Crypto Regulated Brokers

The Financial Fraud Lawyers network represents and defends traders who have been investing through regulated trading platforms (FOREX & CFDs, cryptocurrency, initial coin offering, binary options). We have successfully represented clients from across Europe and internationally in the recovery of their losses. We have experience with out-of-court settlements and Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures with numerous brokers operating in the EU or in United Kingdom and Australia.

Our Law Firm provides services and expertise to:

-Non-European residents against European Union regulated Brokers.

-European residents against European Union regulated Brokers.

-European residents against Brokers regulated in Australia and the United Kingdom.

The dispute should not have originated more than 5 years ago, and the amount disputed should not be less than 30 000 USD/EUR.

We can also provide you with technical analysis of your specific situation and handle jointed complaints from individuals’ groups against one broker.

Our Law Firm defends investors’ rights for an affordable price. Our fees consist of an initial fixed fee paid in advance and a success fee representing a percentage over the amount recovered paid after the recovered amount is received. The initial and the success fee are agreed upon in advance depending on disputed amounts. We understand the tense financial situation that our clients find themselves in, and our objective is to help at a fair rate.

To answer this question, we need to make a preliminary legal analysis of your case. Based on the first information you provide us with, we will consider whether we can represent you in this dispute. If we accept to represent you it means we believe that your case is worth our effort to recover the funds. There are no guarantees regarding the outcome of any legal procedure. Moreover, it is forbidden by the European law to provide misleading information to clients, which applies to the procedures’ outcomes. If we represent your interests against a broker, we will make everything in our power to make the dispute resolution successful.

Based on our expertise, we developed a process for recovering the lost funds following Brokers’ misconduct in an out-of-court way. Our experience with alternative dispute resolution procedures proves that our process gives the best satisfaction to our clients both in terms of the result and time for handling the dispute.

For most cases, our method consists of:

  • Gathering of the relevant facts of your case. 

  • Legal analysis of your case to identify the Broker’s misconduct (legal breaches). 

  • Drafting and sending the Claim to the Broker and the competent authorities. 

  • Handling the correspondence & negotiations with the Broker until the resolution. 

  • Representation before Alternative Dispute Resolutions bodies


The out-of-court way is a mandatory process that we use to recover lost funds following your case’s legal analysis. The preparation of the case and the legal Claim takes up to two months after we collect your information. Our lawyers’ 10 years of experience proves that the out of court procedure gives satisfaction regarding cost and time handling.

Yes, if the broker you invested with is regulated by European, Australian or United Kingdom’s authorities. We are experts on European laws, and are based on European territories, but are also trained to resolve conflicts involving the FCA and the ASIC. We have competencies to enforce alternative dispute resolution on regulated broker since they are obliged to comply with existing laws. Our lawyers are skilled in multiple languages, which allows us to provide a more comprehensive legal representation to our clients.

Our out-of-court procedure includes legal complaints to the authorities and legal negotiations or mediation before the competent authorities until the resolution of the dispute. If no settlements can be reached this way, it is always possible to launch litigation procedures which would require additional legal costs and would force the broker to face court, but our experience shows that for such kind of financial disputes the out-of-court procedures provide the desired results for the investors.

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If you feel that your broker is liable for your losses, please contact us and we will provide you with a free preliminary analysis of the case.
Law Firm Mikov & Attorneys from the network Financial Fraud Lawyers and the author of this Press Release are regularly engaged in collecting and disseminating Forex financial brokers’ information to the public through Forex Broker Review. This Press Release aims at sharing experiences and warning the interested parties in good faith. It is based on public information and client’s testimonies valid at the date of its publication.


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