In this new article, we decided to tell you about the new broker Axiance, which is actually the new name of EverFX. Indeed, we believe they decided to change the name due to their bad reputation. As you know, we were able to prove an illegal FXPACE scheme thanks to our client André G. You can find this article here.

I / Who is Axiance?

Axiance is a trading platform offering Forex and CFD investment services. The particularity of this broker is to have a guideline in relation to sustainability and CSR (corporate social responsibility).

Also, the Axiance broker is defined according to three values: sustainable finances, i.e. socially responsible, quality and innovation as well as transparency and fairness. These different values may make you want to trust this broker. However, we advise you to check all the information of this company.

Axiance is apparently a registered trademark owned by several Axiance groups. The broker seems to be regulated in Bulgaria, therefore Europe, and in Seychelles and Mauritius. As far as Europe is concerned, Axiance is authorized by CySEC on license number N ° 301/16.


So we checked the data on the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) website, and we found it. You can see in the photo below.

Source :

Although Axiance claims to be green, and therefore pays attention to the ecological footprint by doing so-called “responsible” trading, you still need to be careful what you do.

II / The different types of accounts possible with Axiance

Depending on whether you are European or not, you will have access to different accounts. Here we are interested in Europe. So you have three different accounts: standard, premium, and VIP. Here are the different options:


There is a big difference between the minimum deposit amounts for the three types: € 100 for the first account then € 5,000 for the second and finally € 30,000 for the third. These differences seem really important.

As for the payment methods, apparently you can use more than one as you can see below, but nothing more is stated.


For trading tools, you have access to Meta Trader 4 (MT4), and Meta Trader 5 (MT5). In order for you to register, the Axiance broker shows you the different advantages between the two tools.

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You also have access to training / webinars to “teach” you how to trade. However, as you should know, it is impossible to know how to trade in a very short time. We believe this is one way to get you to sign up.

In addition, in the Webinars tab, you are shown a professional via his photo as well as a mini-presentation. “Michel Efthymiou is a CySEC and CeMap qualified financial services specialist with over 5 years in financial advice in the UK and Cyprus. He has created two academies in the last 2 years and organized financial trading seminars in 7 countries. Michalis strongly believes in slow learning and considers time and training to be the key to performance ”. We advise you to beware of this kind of conversation as we cannot authentically verify it.


III / User opinions on this broker

In order to better understand the broker, we have decided to raise different opinions on the latter. That’s why we have looked on the Trustpilot website. Here are a few :

Source: et https:/

As you can see, the reviews are very bad. We still note a loss of nearly 80,000 USD, which is a significant amount! In addition, these people complain about the after-sales service which does not exist. We also note that a certain Didier V. maintains that Axiance is the new name of EverFX. This is what we will verify.

IV / The new name of EverFX: Axiance

To prove the name EverFX to you, we did some research on their website. We found this: “Axiance is the trade name used by the Axiance group of companies, which previously operated as EverFX (“Axiance”), and is owned by an entity of the Axiance group.”


The information given by Didier V. is therefore correct. EverFX is renamed Axiance. However, if you know the EverFX broker well, we advise you not to bet on the Axiance broker.

If you have any questions regarding trading platforms like Axiance or any other platform, please do not hesitate to contact us on our website. We are a network of law firms specializing in financial fraud made up of a team of European experts familiar with European, French and Cypriot legislation. Our goal is to help people who have fallen victim to Forex.