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Today, in this article, we want to give you our opinion on the EverFX broker.

I / Presentation of this broker

EverFX is a broker or “courtier” in French, which gives access to both private and institutional investors. The EverFX broker is a trading platform that has been present internationally since 2016, i.e. for 5 years. This broker offers access to thousands of different trading markets. You can invest in commodities, indices, forex and also cryptocurrencies. This broker is managed by the EverFX Group which has several companies in different countries, regulated by different financial authorities.

As a law firm network, we advise you to always look which financial authorities regulate the broker.

This EverFX group is mainly based in Cyprus, but also in Seychelles and Cayman Islands.

IMPORTANT: It should be comprehended that most of our clients are against Cypriot brokers.

EverFX offers several types of accounts depending on what you want to invest in. There are four different accounts: Entry, Standard, Premium and VIP. Obviously, the larger your deposit, the more you gain access to an exclusive account.

The minimum deposit for trade in EverFX broker is $ 250, which is a significant amount for beginners. Even if their website says: “reasonable price ranges”, some of their competitors offer lower deposit minimums.

As we said, EverFX is generally recommended for beginners. That’s why, EverFX decided to set up a trading simulator to teach users how to trade online. In our opinion, this broker tries to put you at ease by offering you free services at the start.

To continue to give you confidence, the payment methods are broad in order to have as many users as possible on the platform. EverFX certainly forgets to mention that a commission of between 2 and 3% is usually taken on withdrawals. In addition, PayPal is not available with EverFX.

Moreover, EverFX shows you on their website the authorizations and regulations they have such as CySEC, FSA and CIMA. Then we understand that the authorizations were not made until 2018, two years after the creation of the EverFX brand. Furthermore, when we want to verify the authorization with the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), we cannot find it under the same name. We found Aerarium Limited instead of ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd.

Finally, as a further token of reliability, it is stated that EverFX is the official sponsor of Sevilla FC.

II / Who can use the EverFX platform?

Broker EverFX says the trading platform is ideal for any type of investor profile. However, they have a preference for novice traders. Indeed, you have the possibility to use the demo for free to train, you also have the possibility to access the EverFX academy. As well the interface is easy to use, you can have access to chat or phone help.

All these features are completely free, you can have access to different media such as:

  • tutorials and videos on trading
  • financial news about trading platforms
  • online webinars
  • downloadable documents such as e-book, pdf and powerpoint
  • etc …

Therefore, EverFX’s social trading service is supposedly interesting for novice traders. They have a unique chance to earn profits very quickly in the online trading industry. Indeed, the EverFX broker will invite you to use the copy trading function, which makes it possible to plagiarize the positions taken by the experts and improve their expectation of profit. Unfortunately, if the experts’ predictions turn out to be wrong, you can lose a lot of money.

The free provision of these services can convince many people because it can be considered a guarantee of quality. However, it is important to understand that other experts in trading platforms offer you paid training, which is usually expensive. We advise you to check all the conditions of this free admission.

III / Your opinions about EverFX on the forums

In order to better understand the universe of the EverFX broker, we have selected several reviews on this broker. When researching the opinions of traders who selected the EverFX broker as their trading platform, we had access to 155 comments on TrustPilot. Out of 155, 55% of ratings are considered bad, or one of five stars.

Obviously, reports can be falsified, which is why we ask you to take a step back from these.

We have, therefore, tried to consider the latest opinions on the website.

Through these recent EverFX reviews, we see significant sums of money being lost overnight. Also, we understand that these are people working for EverFX calling on traders to either spend more money or put their money in other positions.

IV / Our opinion on EverFX

Our opinion of EverFX is unequivocal. We warn people wishing to invest on trading platforms with the EverFX broker. Indeed, even if everything shows that it is a regulated broker with authorizations in different countries where it operates, we note that the negative opinions on the latter are becoming more and more.

As a network of law firms specializing in financial fraud, we invite you to pay attention to your investments and the advice you may receive from them.

Bonus – Ever Invest website

Recently, we saw the appearance of a website called Ever Invest. It seems to be related to EverFX because they have the same interface.

Also, the broker Ever Invest has the same authorizations and seems to belong to the same group: ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd and Aerarium Limited. Obviously, when we go to the official permissions websites, it is not attached. Is it then a case of deception?

Is it intended by EverFX or is it just a copycat trying to deceive consumers?

Subsequently, on May 31, 2021, EverFX announced in an article that the Ever Invest website is not affiliated with the EverFX group.

This case is sensitive, and it is very close to the EverFX broker. Therefore, we ask you to take your precautions with the EverFX group.

If you have any questions about Forex-type trading platforms, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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