Does encourage uninformed individuals to invest in FOREX?

This Article about Top Forex, covers the most important aspects of a forex broker review for online trading services. According to Top Forex’s website, several options are on the platform, such as an online brokerage or a broker-dealer. Top Forex claims to offer programmable automated trading systems, market analysis, and trading options.

The web-based trading platform for foreign exchange trading from Top Forex proposes trading of a complex variety of currencies. It gives traders access to programmed trading options, including automated third-party trading programs, so-called ‘’Expert Advisors.’’

It is supposed to support a range of different trading strategies such as derivatives, futures, options, and options trading. The broker also offers trading infrequently traded commodities and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Based on our experience as Financial Lawyers and Fraud Lawyers, we have defended many retailor traders who had financial disputes with Forex investment firms. Therefore, our Law Firm has the legitimacy to share to the public necessary information on such a | financial fraud lawyer | mikov & attorneys | recover your lost funds | top forex scam | financial fraud lawyer | mikov & attorneys | recover your lost funds | top forex scam : What are the risks when you invest in such a trading platform?

Financial Market Authorities alert that Individuals who trade Forex through specific platforms as Top Forex pursue purely speculative objectives.

Top Forex terms and conditions claim to cover all major European and American benchmarks, including the S & P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average, as well as other Euronext stock. The Broker allegedly provide helps traders to monitor the developing markets and make market decisions.

According to the triennial report from the BIS (Bank for International Settlements), the daily volume of trade in Fore xis nearly 5,300 billion US dollars. Therefore, Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world in terms of transaction volume.

Top Forex, as many other brokers, gives an available tool for a (significantly) short-term speculation. However, the evolution of exchange rates is incredibly complex to predict in the short term.

Short-term fluctuations depend on multiple, mostly unpredictable factors. Thus, if changes in central bank key rates or macroeconomic announcements influence exchange rates, these impacts are difficult to qualify and quantify. provides access to Complex Financial Tools that increase the risk of losing your investment

Forex is a market in which short-term fluctuations are largely unpredictable for non-professional investors. However, the tools offered to retail traders have a strong leverage effect, which multiplies the risks. When tools can amplify largely unpredictable short-term fluctuations 200 times, it is clear that sophisticated investors only will use them as they are mostly aware of the risks they take.

“Leverage is the amplifying effect that specific management techniques or products can have on the amount of money invested. A leverage of 2 means that if you have a capital of 100 euros, you can support up to 200 euros. ”

The CFDs offered for trading on Forex are most often characterized by the Leverage of 200. In this case, a tiny variation can have significant consequences since these variations amplify 200 times. A decrease of -0.5% is equal to a loss of -100% of the investment (the asset concerned by the CFD); -100% is the total loss of the initial investment.

When Top Forex gives access to such who can amplify largely unpredictable short-term fluctuations 200 times, it is clear that only sophisticated investors should use these tools. The expert trader who is most aware of the risks they take should invest on Forex Platforms, but not retailers with no experience.

Does encourage uninformed individuals to invest in FOREX?

Several platforms are developing, which allows individuals to invest in Forex. Although they warn of the risk of loss, some do not hesitate to entice beginners to speculate in Forex by letting them dangle high gains through leverage.

The SEC forbids Top Forex to provide financial services to their citizen based in the United States, so traders based in the United States should look elsewhere for broker services. Some of the broker features and products mentioned in the review may not be available to traders in a particular country due to legal restrictions.

Other countries made the restriction on Top Forex, such as Iran and Canada.

Top Forex provides customers with access to over 450 financial complex instruments traded in real-time, including foreign exchange, indices, commodities, equities, and cryptocurrencies. The CFD allows trading in exchange for substantial assets that it does not represent. Therefore, if you are not familiar with such sophisticated financial tools consider other financial instruments to invest in.

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Top Forex review | Financial Fraud Lawyer | Mikov & Attorneys

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According to the Investments in Financial Securities Directive-MiFID-requires, Top Forex has to obey three guiding laws in the provision of investment services:

  • To behave in a truthful, equitable, and competent manner, representing the best interests of traders.
  • Have appropriate, full, accurate, and precise information.
  • To analyze the investor’s particular condition (e.g., expectations, circumstances, and experience of selling financial products).

During the investment process, any Forex broker Firm may commit legal bridge actions that engage their liability. It is also possible that it deliberately acts to increase its profit. In such a situation, victims have the lawful means to recover their losses.

Our Law Firm Network of Financial Fraud Lawyers is a team of European specialists familiar with European, French, Bulgarian, and Cypriot legislation when you have lost funds to financial fraud. Based on different specific legislation and European laws, our legal experts aim to help Forex victims to recover their lost funds.

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