We Resolve Your Dispute With European Forex And Crypto Regulated Brokers

What we do?

Financial Fraud Lawyer is dedicated to the defense and representation of traders who invest through regulated trading platforms (FOREX & CFD’s, Cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offering, and Binary Options). We have successfully represented clients from all across Europe to recover their losses through out-of-court settlement procedures with numerous Brokers operating in the EU.

Can you help me get my money back?

Our Law Firm provides services and expertise to:

-Non-European residents against European Union regulated Brokers
-European residents against European Union regulated Brokers
-European residents against worldwide regulated Brokers

The dispute should not have originated more than 5 years ago, and the amount disputed should not be less than 30 000 USD/EUR.

What are the fees for handling my case?

Our Law Firm defends investors’ rights for an affordable price. Our fees consist of an initial fixed fee paid in advance and a success fee representing a percentage over the amount recovered paid after the recovered amount is received. The initial and the success fee are agreed upon in advance depending on disputed amounts.

What are my chances of winning?

To answer this question, we need to make a legal analysis of your case. Based on your first appointment, we will consider whether or not we can represent you in this dispute. If we accept to represent you it means we believe that your case is worth our effort to recover the funds.

Our process to recover your lost funds

Based on our expertise, we developed a process for recovering the lost funds following Brokers’ misconduct in an out-of-court way. Our experience proves that our process gives the best satisfaction to our clients both in terms of the result and time for handling the dispute.

1. Building your case – we collect your information & documents
2. Legal analysis and misconducts identification
3. Drafting and sending the legal Claim to the Broker
4. Legal complaints to the Authorities.
5. Legal negotiation until the resolution.

The out-of-court way is a mandatory process that we use to recover lost funds following your case’s legal analysis. The preparation of the case and the legal Claim takes up to two months after we collect your information. Our lawyers’ 10 years of experience proves that the out of court procedure gives satisfaction regarding cost and time handling.

Do we consider a case against an EU regulated platform if I am not an EU citizen?

Yes, because we are experts in European Union financial laws. In conclusion, we have the competencies to help you when European Union laws regulate the broker since it has the obligation to comply with such laws.

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